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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Acid Attack and it cause,How to end it?

Acid Attack

How to end an acid attack?

Acid attack is one of the criminality violence; which is prevailing in our society where an acid attacker attacks the victim by throwing acid on their body. Which will damage their physical appearance? Both males and females are through an acid attack. Especially, the numbers of women are being violated by this attack.

why do acid attacks happen

The world is changing day by day and the present society is also leading towards modernization. Some traditional views and practices are still prevalent in our society. Not only acid attack violence is there in our society but there is much more violence against women which are still existing in our society. 

If we see our old generation; we found most of the women are violated throughout time. Due to the poor mentality of people and the unchangedness of our society. At that time, women are violated by different domestic and social violence and bad customs of our society. Violence like (mistreatment, threatening, battering, bullying, discrimination, untouchability, dowry custom) is existing at that time. 

But some of the violence among them is against women is still prevailing in our society. Among them, domestic violence and untouchability are still the major problems of our society. Domestic violence is a violent behavior to their family members within the home.

Acid Attack caused by Violence

The violence is mainly occurring to bring power and control over others. We all have seen that most of the men of our society use it against their partner. Many of the females have lost their life due to domestic violence. This violence is common not only in rural areas but also in urban areas. It starts from different issues like (character, manner of speaking, respect, rights, etc. Most of the common causes of domestic violence are dowry, illiteracy, poverty, addiction, illegal relationship, etc.

Domestic violence affects one's life. The violated person suffers from depression, fear, tension, and distraction. It can cause family misunderstanding and breakup in relationships. The person may involve in drug abuse and commit suicide. It also causes a loss of prestige, respect, and value in society. Domestic violence can be controlled by informing the police or concerned authority and by maintaining unity against domestic violence.

Untouchability is a practice in which people are discriminated against based on their caste, religion, occupation, sex, or physical disability and kept at a distance as untouchable. In our society people are divided into two groups as touchable and untouchable. Untouchable people are not allowed to touch the touchable, enter into the home of touchable, use public property.

Tradition values and cultures increase social conflict and discrimination in opportunity and facility. This practice can be solved by spreading education and awareness to people so that it can be uprooted from society and by implementing effective laws against it by the government.

The things I discussed above are all about violence against women. Not only an acid attack is violence but also the things which happen with women that affect her physical and mental wellbeing is painful violence.

Acid is a substance that contains hydrogen and has the properties to burn and dissolve other substances if they come in contact with others. The acid attack has also become a major problem and violence happening against women. We may have seen many acid attack cases happening in and out of the country. Among them, most of the cases happened in females in comparison to males.

Acid Attack by Gender Dominance 

Most of the male throw acid on females with the intention that "if I won’t get you then I will not let you be others".The acid attack occurs all over the world. This type of violence is most common in South Asia. In comparison to all over the world, the UK has one of the highest rates of acid attack. The victim has to face many physical challenges that may require long-term surgical treatment as well as psychological treatment.

The acid attacker attacks them for one time but the society attacks the victim mentally every single second. Hence, it is very difficult to heal their inside pain if the family members and society will be unable to give respect, acceptance, and care to them. In this period, they need more psychological support than physical support. Such victims may be deprived of various opportunities because of their physical appearance. 

Due to the concern about physical appearance, they may suffer from anxiety and depression. They may lose their confidence and self-esteem. They have to go through different physical and mental challenges. For example, Laxmi Agrawal, a survivor of an acid attack who is an Indian citizen is running many motivational programs on the acid attack. How acid attack affects one's life and the challenges they go through, how family, friends, relatives, and society treat them after being the victim of an acid attack. For example, the recent incident of acid attack on Muskan Khatun in Kathmandu, Nepal is also a survivor of acid attack. So, there are many such cases of acid attacks all over the world.

Causes of Acid Attack

1.Cheap and easy availability of acid everywhere.

2.Due to the property

3.Refusal of love proposal and sexual proposal.

4.Due to the unfulfilled demand for money or dowry.

Effects on Acid attack victim

  1. Damage their face including other body parts.

  2. Break relations with friends and relatives.

  3. Decrease the excitement, eagerness, and passion in a person.

  4. Develop a feeling of self-humiliation and inferiority.

  5. Decrease confidence and self-esteem in a person.

  6. Suffer from various mental diseases like depression and anxiety.

  7. Deprived of various opportunities and social activities

  8. Decreased value, respect, and prestige in society.

  9. Creates negative impacts on a person's mind.

  10. Affects the physical and mental health of a person.

Treatment of acid Attack victim

  1. First aid treatment is very important in an acid attack.

  2. In medical treatment, the victim needs to change dressing timely.

  3. The only best first aid treatment is to pour cool clean running water regularly on the affected part for at least half an hour or 45 minutes until the pain subsides so that it can be prevented from more damaging of the skin layer and tissue. It can prevent from being half damaged.

  4. In surgical treatment, it can be treated through skin grafting to the burned part.

  5. Other chemical treatment and ointment should not be applied to the affected area because it may develop the risk of infection and the affected part damage more.

  6. If possible loosely wrap the burn area with sterile gauze to prevent other contamination.

  7. In supportive treatment: psychological support should be given to the victim so that the person won't get too much panic and their physical, as well as mental health, should be promoted through various measures.

Some ways to end Acid Attack

1.Increase the price of acid and strict rules

The government should increase the price of acid to that level so that no one can buy acid for such intention. And also the government should make such rules that the seller should stop selling acid to anyone. If they are found selling acid illegally without any legal permission they will be highly punished by the government. The acid should be completely banned by the government. Equal rules should be made to the seller and buyers. If they found doing such activities both should be equally punished and so that it can be uprooted from our society. The acid attacker should be punished for life imprisonment so that such cases will not repeat. Making laws will not be enough to stop this attack, proper implementation of laws should be made regarding the violence of women who are the victims of acid attack.

2.Increase awareness program on the acid attack through education

Education is the only thing that can change a person's mentality. Various awareness programs on the acid attacks should be conducted in each part of the country. Awareness programs should be launched through Television, through radio, or social media so that people can be aware of the acid attack. The acid attacks should be included in their curriculum. In schools and colleges, different programs should be conducted on the acid attack so that school and college students get enough knowledge on it and can help to prevent it from happening. They should be aware that how dangerous and how it damages someone's life.

3.Promotion of self-defense techniques

However, we will not be able to stop the attacker from throwing acid but we can protect yourself to some extent. To protect ourselves we should not walk alone outside unnecessarily and make a habit to go out with friends and family so that the attacker won't attack us. Always make sure and be aware of the people around you. Be aware of their activities and cover the face if you feel that you're not safe. If you see such a case happening then immediately call the police and pour clean running water on the affected area for at least half an hour. Always carry a bottle of water while going outside.

In conclusion, the time has changed and is changing day by day but violence against women is not controlling. Most of the females of the world are being violated by their husbands or by their in-laws as they are tolerating much physical violence as well as mental torture. Hence, each member of the family should give them the respect and care that they deserve so that the prevention of such violence should be stopped by our family. If we can end an acid attack happening such violence in our family then automatically social violence will be controlled soon.

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