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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Harmful uses of alcohol and causes


uses of alcohol

Alcohol is one of the toxic liquids that make a human being unconscious while it will be taken. The molecular formula of alcohol is C2H5OH and the ethanol group carries at least one hydroxyl functional group (-OH) bond to a saturated carbon atom.

More than 1.47 trillion dollars business of alcohol worldwide. The demand is increasing day by day. Many people consume alcohol every year and the demand for alcohol at a high peak. Many countries make laws on alcohol-related activities. They banned the advertisement of alcohol on TV and another magazine, age restriction (below the ages of 18 cannot buy the alcohol and not right to take any type of alcohol).

There are many restrictions on alcohol-related activities but the demand for alcohol is being increased every year. Most people take alcohol to get relax and think that if they drink alcohol then it gives more fun and makes them cool that human psychology increases the demand for it.

Mostly youths are more attracted to alcohol and the population of youth is higher in the world. Alcohol creates lots of problems; here we discuss the harmful causes of alcohol uses

1.      100 % of alcohol use disorder

Those people who drink alcohol can show the disorder activities such as the talk loudly, show unusable behaviors, and change normal from violence, creates lots of problems,s and say unwanted things to each people.

2.      Traffic injuries

A maximum traffic accident appears due to excessive use of alcohol. About 27 % of accidents will happen when someone drives their vehicles after taking alcohol. Many youth people are victims of alcohol and losses their life at an early age. Those people who drink alcohol and drive their vehicle have a higher tendency to be the victim of an accident. All over the world major road accident happen when someone takes alcohol and drives. Thus, be careful if you consume alcohol and want to drive, think that your happy family is waiting for you.

3.      Suicides

Alcohol increases the number of suicides cases all over the world. About 18 % of suicides will be directly or indirectly related to alcohol. Thus while people consume alcohol then they think a lot of their past and their future which makes them depressed. They didn't think about their golden future and not found anyways and they committed suicides. thus mostly the youth people are at high risk of taking suicides. These are only the side effect of alcohol which makes an unusable impact on youth minds.

4.      Epilepsy

The other main causes of epilepsy are taking the alcohol, thus 13 % of epilepsy victims are directly linked with the alcohol or they take excessive alcohol in their life. The cases of epilepsy are increased day by day because teenagers are highly attractive toward alcohol after some time they face the problems of health disease. 13 % of epilepsy diseases are contributed by alcohol consumption.

5.      Interpersonal Violence

These are the major side effect seen when people drink alcohol. After taking the alcohol most of the violence will happen. The data show that about 18 % of interpersonal violence will happen due to the consumption of alcohol, thus maximum family will be the victim of interpersonal violence. Much violence will be occurring due to the use of alcohol. This interpersonal violence directly affects the children, family, and other relatives. We have seen that many people fight each other when they carried any type of such alcohol.

6.      Health issues

Health is the most precious gift for people. If people become health then it supports his/her family, relatives, and over all nations. Thus health is the most important part of human beings. Several health issues will happen due to human nature or their behaviors. For example, is the consumption of alcohol. Alcohol directly or indirectly affects the health of people. Many health-related problems are seen due to the use of alcohol. There is some health problem that directly affects due to the overuse of alcohol.

a.      Liver Cirrhosis

Alcohol directly affects the liver. There are many victims of liver cirrhosis diseases in the world. More than 48 % of liver cirrhosis victims are seen due to the use of alcohol.

b.      Mouth cancer

Every year many people lose their life due to cancer. Mouth cancer is one of them. Every year millions of people are victims of mouth cancer. The main causes of mouth cancer are used for alcohol, tobacco, etc. About 26 % of mouth cancer victims have used alcohol in their life so that the main cause of mouth cancer is taking alcohol. If you stop drinking alcohol and other tobacco then you save yourself from cancer.

c.       Pancreatitis

Another disease that has a high potential to lose life is pancreatitis, about 26 % of pancreatitis diseases will happen due to the use of alcohol. Thus alcohol increases the pancreatitis diseases.

d.      Tuberculosis

Every year main people lose their life due to tuberculosis. Every part of the world the tuberculosis victims are beings seen. Thus the ratio of these diseases increases every year. About 20% of tuberculosis victim will come from the overuse of alcohol thus tuberculosis is also another major disease which causes about taking alcohol.

e.      colorectal Cancer

These are other types of cancer seen in human beings. Thus 11 % of cancer will happen due to excessive drinking of alcohol.


f.        Breast Cancer

Many women nowadays suffer from breast cancer, there are many reasons for being of breast cancer, some say that breast cancer is genetic so that it spread to generation to generation these are also true. Another main reason of being breast cancer is drinking of alcohol. About 5 % of breast cancer happens in the world is used for alcohol. Thus, alcohol also major support of breast cancer. Mostly breast cancer is seen in modern generation women because due to lack of proper care of health and other is alcohol.

g.      Hypertensive heart disease

The hypertensive heart disease is another who will happen due to the alcohol. Thus 7 % of hypertensive heart diseases can be seen due to the alcohol used in the world.

Every year many people died due to alcohol. There are many long term effects of alcohol and it can damage the body of people slowly. The long terms effects of alcohol are heart diseases, cancers, and many others. Used of Alcohol has many disadvantages so youth are highly aware of it. 

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