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Monday, September 7, 2020

Prevention of Drug Abuse


Prevention of drug abuse

Prevention of drug abuse

A drug is a substance that shows reaction and changes our body's function either physically or psychologically when it is taken into the body through orally or through intravenous. Prevention of drug abuse is a process that aims to prevent the onset of drug use or limit different problems related to using the psychotropic substance. Drug abuse is a major problem among youth and youngsters. The most commonly used drugs are cannabis, heroin, hypnotic, etc. In a study done by the author (Shrestha 1986) in the only mental hospital, the percentage of drug addicts using the parenteral route of administration was only 1.5%. But another study conducted by the author (Shrestha 1989) 3 years after, revealed that 37% of drug users were found using the intravenous route for the administration of drugs. In my view, the majority of the addicted people have had an unhappy childhood that included unpleasant physical punishment, rejection, parental neglect, broken homes, poor parental adjustment, and overall parental instability.

Risk factors

1. Distance in family relationship

2. Psychological distress

3. Depressed feelings

4. Low self-esteem

5. Low achievement and motivation

6. Misuse of drug use in the family

7. High drug use among peers

8. Early use of alcohol and tobacco

9. Low frustration tolerance

10. Poor socialization

Reasons for drug use

1.Peer pressure

2.Poor family environment

3.Lack of trust and confidence in parents

4.Lack of knowledge about drug use in parents

5.Lack of meeting with teachers

1. Peer pressure

Youth is the age when people are most devoted to their friends as they are extremely fond of social intercourse and have not yet learned to judge their friends. Peer pressure has been found very significant not only in the initiation and maintenance of drug dependence but also in the relapse after having had successful detoxification treatment.

2. Poor family environment

Most of the drug users are youth. At this age, they have a high demand for their needs where their family is unable to fulfill their demand. This is the age where most of the youngsters get into drug abuse so that they can be free from all the tension and frustration because the drug has that effect to make their mood happy and brings a feeling of joy.

3. Lack of trust and confidence in parents

Most of the children would not share the matter with their parents if they don't have trust and confidence in them therefore, children must feel that parents are not only parents but their friends as well. This feeling would enable parents to gain confidence in their children.  children would easily come out with any problem or queries that come to their mind. In this, we should feel proud that, according to our Hindu culture, children should be brought up with love, affection, understanding, and patience when they are quite young and treated as friends once they reach the age of 16.

Sign and symptoms of drug use

  •          Red eyes

  •          Dry mouth

  •          Decreased coordination

  •          Difficulty in concentrating or remembering

  •          Increase or decrease heart rate and blood pressure

  •          Decrease mental sharpness

  •          Elevated mood

  •          Poor performance at school or work

  •          Reduce the number of friends and interests

  •          Poor judgment

Mostly used drugs

1. Heroin

Heroin is the most common type of drug which is used partly because of its euphoriant (happiness, joy) effects. Heroin is known as various names such as brown sugar, white sugar, smack, etc.  it is commonly called brown sugar and smack.

a. Tolerance

Tolerance is said to occur when the higher and higher quantity of some drug is required to produce the same effect. A person who is tolerant of substance is also tolerant of other substance tolerance. The overdose of drugs leads to respiratory depression and death.

b.  Dependence

It is the most powerful of all dependence-producing drugs but it is mainly because of its capacity to produce a euphoria that the dependence develops quite rapidly Because of the rapidity of the development of the dependence called heroin addiction.

c.  Withdrawal syndrome

It is the specific group of clinical features in the addict that develop after a certain period after the last dose of the drug. In the case of heroin, it develops usually six to eight hours after the last dose of the drug.

Sign and symptoms of heroin

Restlessness, irritation, tearing eyes, dilated pupils, etc


Muscular pain, abdominal cramps, vomiting, diarrhea, increased blood pressure, sleeplessness, loss of appetite are seen.

 Loss of weight and dehydration are usually seen because of refusal to eat and drink.

Prevention of drug abuse

1.Support of family members

Family is the number of people living together under the same roof, sharing the same kitchen and where there is a relation of blood. The importance of the parent-child relationship is very needed in preventing drug abuse. Different prevention programmers should be conducted so that we can make protective factors among young children by teaching parents better family communication skills, appropriate discipline styles, rule enforcement, etc. Parents should monitor their activities, understand their feelings and problems in a better way. Motivation should be given to family members that the drug user needs love, affection, sympathy, understanding, and patience. They should give him their continued support and must handle the situation positively. If an opportunity or right atmosphere is given to them, he/she can easily be drug-free and again become a productive member of the family.

2.Motivated and committed

 community A group of people where different caste, culture, and religious peoples live together in the same society by sharing their happiness and sorrows is known as a community. Community plays an important role in minimizing the use of drugs. Many prevention programs help to give messages through school, social media, community-wide awareness programs. The success of the treatment is the motivation and commitment of the community to accept him/her back in the community. She/ he must be allowed to prove himself or herself. Increased health education in the community also plays a role in helping to decrease the use of drugs. We should tell them about the health complications that arise after having drugs. A proper diet should be given and involve them in different works and activities.


Rehabilitation is defined as the combined and coordinated use of medical, social, educational, and vocational measures for training or retraining the individual to the higher possible level of functional ability to achieve his/ her greatest possible level of physical, mental, spiritual, social, and economic condition. Rehabilitation measures are not the same for all drug users and they have to be changed to individual needs and resources Strengths and weaknesses of each drug user, his family, and his community should be observed properly while he is still going through detoxification treatment. Rehabilitative measures should be done before the detoxification treatment is completed. Drug users, their families, concerned government and non-government organizations, and people in the community must be actively involved in this process. Doing only detoxification treatment and letting the users go back to the community without any concern might encourage the drug dependent to take even more drugs since he may develop a false sense of security that he could be drug-free at any time he wants. The greater number of recurrences and the longer the duration of dependency, there will be less chance of complete recovery. To recover him we should provide a job to a drug user raising his educational qualification, giving him vocational training and different activities, which helps to keep him busy. In this, we should try to utilize all the potentialities of a drug user. Therefore, rehabilitative measures play a vital role in the successful management of drug users.

In conclusion, a drug user must be involved in employment, different vocational training, and skill full activities, so that the users get free out of this track. There is lots of such abuse of the drug. Families always support their children if they are the victim of drug abuse. Prevention of drug abuse makes a better society and a better nation. all people from different countries can play important roles so that they can prevent drug abuse and make a world beautiful.



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